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Corresponding English and Chinese proverbs and phrases(2)

1.World is but a little place, after all.
Explanation: it is used when a person meets someone he knows or is in
someway connected with him in a place where he would never have expected to
do so.
Example: Who would have thought I would bump into an old schoolmate on a
trek up Mount Tai. The world is but a little place after all.
2. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
Explanation: conform to the manners and customs of those amongst whom you
Example: I know you have egg and bacon for breakfast at home, but now you
are on the Continent you will do as the Romans do and take coffee and rolls.
3. What you lose on the swings you get back on the roundabouts.
Explanation: a rough way of starting a law of average; if you have bad luck
on one day you have good on another; if one venture results in loss try a
fresh one---it may succeed.
Example: he may always possess merits which make up for everything; if he
loses on the swings, he may win on the roundabouts.
4.What are the odds so long as you are happy.
Explanation: what does anything else matter if a person is happy.
Example: you complain so much, but you have a good family, parents, health,
and money. What’s the odd so long as you’re happy.
5.Entertain an angel unawares.
Explanation: to receive a great personage as a guest without knowing his
Example: in the course of evening someone informed her that she was
entertaining an angel unawares, in the shape of a composer of the greatest
6.every dog has his day .
Explanation: fortune comes to each in turn
Example: they say that every dog has his day; but mine seems a very long
time coming.
7.every potter praises his own pot.
Explanation: people are loath to refer to defects in their possessions or
their family members
Example: he said that his teacher considered his work brilliant, but I would
rather hear it from his teacher’s own mouth. Every potter praises his own
Now come on! Have a try.试着翻译一下下面几个谚语!
hit the nail on the head
have an iron hand in a velvet glove
great minds think alike
good wine needs no bush
Give him enough rope and he will hang himself.
Evil does not always come to injure.
A fool may give a wise man counsel.
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