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保险业 the insurance industry
保证重点指出 ensure funding for priority areas
补发拖欠的养老金 clear up pension payments in arrears
不良贷款 non-performing loan
层层转包和违法分包 mutlti-level contracting and illegal subcontracting
城乡信用社 credit cooperative in both urban and rural areas
城镇居民最低生活保障 a minimum standard of living for city residents
城镇职工医疗保障制度 the system of medical insurance for urban workers
出口信贷 export credit
贷款质量 loan quality
贷款质量五级分类办法 the five-category assets classification for bank loans
防范和化解金融风险 take precautions against and reduce financial risks
防洪工程 flood-prevention project
非法外汇交易 illegal foreign exchange transaction
非贸易收汇 foreign exchange earnings through nontrade channels
非银行金融机构 non-bank financial institutions
费改税 transform administrative fees into taxes
跟踪审计 foolow-up auditing
工程监理制度 the monitoring system for projects
国有资产安全 the safety of state-owned assets
过度开垦 excess reclamation
合同管理制度 the contract system for governing projects
积极的财政政策 pro-active fiscal policy
基本生活费 basic allowance
解除劳动关系 sever labor relation
金融监管责任制 the responsibility system for financial supervision
经济安全 economic security
靠扩大财政赤字搞建设 to increase the deficit to spend more on development
扩大国内需求 the expansion of domestic demand
拉动经济增长 fuel economic growth
粮食仓库 grain depot
粮食收购企业 grain collection and storage enterprise
粮食收购资金实行封闭运行 closed operation of grain purchase funds
粮食销售市场 grain sales market
劣质工程 shoddy engineering
乱收费、乱摊派、乱罚款 arbitrary charges,fund-raising,quotas and fines
骗汇、逃汇、套汇 obtain foreign currency under false pretenses, not turn over foreign owed to the government and illegal arbitrage
融资渠道 financing channels
商业信贷原则 the principles for commercial credit
社会保险机构 social security institution
失业保险金 unemployment insurance benefits
偷税、骗税、逃税、抗税 tax evasion, tax fraud and refusal to pay taxes
外汇收支 foreign exchange revenue and spending

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